Sundown Towns?
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2014-07-21 16:08:58 UTC
Henryetta Oklahoma had a sign . I remember it
Mark Shaw
2014-07-21 23:21:26 UTC
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Henryetta Oklahoma had a sign . I remember it
Bentonville, Arkansas.

So what?
Mark Shaw
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2019-02-03 19:25:39 UTC
This is true. In the early 60s(Early Grade School)I remember going thru a small town in Heart of Texas on many occasions going to ball games etc.,that had a sign on the Courthouse lawn on the square. It was about 3'x 6'. It said something like " Don't let the sun go down on your black a** in this County". I remember we weren't a racist family at all, but the sign didn't shock me, although I did inquire about the meaning of it to my parents at the time. It was said to me that this is how they are here. Crazy!